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The largest gathering of Civil War bands since 1865, and the Heritage Brass Band was proud to have been a participant.  Units came from as far away as New Mexico and California, by plane, bus, motorhome, and car caravan.  Events ranged from formal concerts to lawn concerts..... from a parade in downtown to a mass band at the stadium.  In between, late night jam sessions in the dorm lobby, and endless discussions of period music, mouthpieces, old instruments, uniform buttons, and the like. 

Below are images of an amazing weekend.

Frederick Fennell, founder of the Eastman Wind Ensemble

Student Activity Center

Saxton's Cornet Band

Jam sessions in the dorm lobby


Old Town Band, Huntsville, AL

Old Town Band, Frederick Fennell

Band Camp, anyone?

33rd Illinois

Saxton's Cornet Band, Lexington, KY

Heritage Brass Band, last rehearsal

Misc Parade shots

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