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Lighting plays an important role in the aesthetic of any place. Often, daylight is called the best form of it as it comes naturally, from the sun. But what happens when one has to deflect this sunlight or any light for that matter? This is exactly when Abat Jour comes to play. It is the solution to this problem.

What is Abat Jour?

This is the French word for an apparatus used to admit or throw light in the desired area. The best example of the use of an Abat Jour is in fact in our everyday objects like a lampshade. The lamp shade is used to collect and point the light from the lamp in a circular shape, or to put it simply, in the desired direction.

In French, Abat Jour can also stand for skylight that is made on top of a room so that the light from above falls more effectively.  This example falls in line with previously stated one of a lamp shade. So essentially, the term Abat Jour simply means, Lamp shade.

Shapes of Lamp shades

With technology advancing, it has become easier to make lamp shades of various shapes. Usually, the regular types of lamp shades come in bell or oval shapes. They are very commonly seen in all bed lamps or table lamps. The shapes of square, rectangle or drum tend to the fancier and are deemed to be more elegant.

What are the types of Lamp shade fitters?

Lamp shade fitters are that part of the Abat Jour that connects the wire to the body of it. They often come in different shapes, sizes and fits according to the texture, direction and shape of shadow that is desired. The few types of lamp shades are:

  1. Spider shade fitter: They are probably the most common type seen in the various floor and table lamps. Taller lamps tend to have bigger area of the drop of light.
  2. Clip-on fitters: As the name suggests, these lamp shades do not require any external hardware for their fitting. These usually come in two sizes depending on whether a Candelabra bulb is used or a Regular-sized bulb is used.
  3. Uno fitter shades: Mainly used in European lamps, these shade fitters have a specialized socket for light bulbs and ring that holds the bulb in place.

Something as simple as the lamp shade can play such an important role in completely changing the aesthetic or environment of a room. This is the magic of deflecting light in a particular direction. Abat Jour is quite simply, the art of deflecting light.